How do paranormal ghost manifestations affect Electromagnetic Fields?

I again wrote MB to better explain my understanding of how Electromagnetic fields are affected by paranormal manifestations and how our brain perceives these events.

QUESTIONS BY TAZ: Would you happen to know about electromagnetic fields? I’ve noticed ghost hunters use a lot of devices pertaining to emfs. I read up on it but I can’t seem to make the connection between human *perception and magnetic fields. Brainwaves do not function that way, so I don’t understand why paranormal entities would manifest using magnetic fields.


Electromagnetic fields are all around us – simply spoken, they are always created when a current flows through any kind of conductible object. There is nothing unusual about it – some devices create very strong EMFs like power poles or power/energy transformers.

In the paranormal, EMFs are assumed to play a role when an entity appears – it must have energy from something to do something or appear.

This used energy would create also an EMF in theory. The EMF devices used for ghost hunting are relying on this theory. Problem here is background EMF – you need to be in a location without any power supply, no electrical wires etc to make sure that there is no background/natural EMF. I suspect the EMF effect by entities is fairly small – so EMF pollution by background radiation/electricity is a big concern.

It is totally unclear and an area of “pseudoscience” how entities get energy from and how they would manifest. I could possible imagine that an entity simply uses the atmosphere around as energy delivery system which could explain why the air cools down when an entity is seen (an observation often described and why thermometers are use in ghost hunting practices).

Heat is nothing else than energy. In physics energy can be transformed in multiple ways – heat energy into mechanical energy or vice-versa for example. Each energy transformation comes with a loss of energy – no transformation of energy can be 100%. Thermodynamics does not allow this. In your car for example your engine is only 30% efficient by transforming the energy released by burning gas . The rest up to 70% is simply released as unused heat – also energy!

Now to the brainwaves. The neurons in our brains use electricity (electrons) to communicate with each other. Similar to an EMF just with much less energy, this current creates a field which is detected as wave-like pattern.

Even both fields – EMF and brainwaves – are created by a current of electrons, the amount of energy of each field is very different. In medicine this brainwave pattern changes when a person has a physical issue with the brain. Also we can observe activities through brainwaves which led to the detection of areas in our brain which are responsible for specific tasks.

Science unfortunately is not open to the unknown as it should be in theory. Unfortunately this is now all in this “pseudo-scientific” area which doesn’t often rely on good science.”


I would like to thank MB for continuing to give insightful explanations to all of my questions.

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