UnScene – Episode 8 – Lambert Castle – REAL! Unexplained Ovilus replaces words!

***The Ovilus didn’t just skip or omit the name “Walter” (Lambert’s son), it replaced the name altogether with another word! (“Sign”)***

In this Episode, UnScene visits the grounds of Lambert Castle. The Ovilus had some pretty accurate interactions. It gave us the most names ever recorded in a single session as well as some spot on and immediate relative answers to our questions!

We originally were going to do an equipment demonstration for some of our meetup members, but since it was raining on and off, we decided to postpone. (Cyn and Taz even told Paula to stay home…big mistake on our part. We really missed her!)

However, since we were already in the area, we decided to do a brief investigation with our limited amount of equipment and try out Facebook Live for a few minutes.

Cyn’s daughter, Adriana, was with us and luckily caught the most amazing Ovilus interaction we have experienced so far. We are not big fans of the Ovilus, but we could not dismiss this crazy and explainable session.

We scouted Lambert castle, not expecting to get anything. Of all things, the Ovilus hit us with some amazing footage.

“Walter” was Lambert’s son who sold the castle when Catholina Lambert died.

On this clip, Adriana is interacting with the Ovilus, she was UNAWARE of the significance of the name “Walter”. We were looking up the history of Lambert Castle as she as walking around.

When Taz went over to Adriana to tell her the names of his 4 sons (Willian, Henry, Charles and Walter), Adriana stated she received the name WALTER through the Ovilus.

As Taz scrolled through the history of the words the Ovilus said during her session, “WALTER” was not only omitted, it was replaced with the word “SIGN”. !!!!

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