UnScene Episode 6 – Little Red School House, Lyndhurst NJ

We would like to thank the Lyndhurst Historical Society for allowing us to investigate at the Little Red School House.

(www.lyndhursthistoricalsociety.org) (www.facebook.com/LyndhurstHistoricalSociety)

In this episode, UnScene explores the Little Red School House in Lyndhurst, NJ. We receive a great EVP and a few relative Ovilus and Spirit Box answers.

If you know anyone by the name of “David Cho(?)” or similar who has passed, his spirit might be visiting the school house. Please let us know.

After you watch the video, tell us what you think! We would love to hear your opinions.
(Be kind, this is for exploration and entertainment.)

If you were a paranormal witness, let us know your experience and where we can search for our next paranormal lockdown. We would love to include suggestions in our next video.

Website: http://www.theygounscene.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnsceneParanormal
Twitter: @unscene_chix ( https://twitter.com/Chix_Unscene )

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