THE ORB: Properties an entity would need to be seen as light.


I asked MB a few questions pertaining to ORBS, which are commonly seen and often mistaken for dust. Though I have noticed some ORBS captured on infrared camcorders behave differently from fast, straight lined dust, I wanted to distinguish a difference between the two. MB has been answering all of my questions with very precise scientific explanations.


My questions were as followed:

  • If ghosts “appear” in UV or Infrared light, what properties would a spirit/entity have to possess (no pun intended) in order to form and be seen as light?
  •  Would an “orb”  be considered a photon? 
  • Would a ghost be creating a photon if it’s visible in let’s say Infrared?
  • What would a apparition be considered and how would that form through the laws of physics?

He had replied with the following answers:

“A photon is a particle which has no mass (also called a packet of energy) – light is both a wave and a particle. An orb can’t be a [*single] photon since the photon is unrecognizable small and only exists as model to explain the behavior of light the way we currently understand it. In physics some experiments prove light to be a wave and others that it behaves like a particle. That’s why the photon was created.

An orb is not defined in science, this goes into the area of pseudoscience. The orb to me is more a ball of light (you could say an accumulation of many, many photons) but unclear where it gets the energy from.

There is a natural phenomena of seeing lighting during a thunderstorm as round balls/orbs. It doesn’t occur often and it is not understood well why they form. Some suspect a mix of temperature/humidity/static conditions in the air could cause this.

Everything what your eye and/or the digital camera sensor sees relies on some sort of light and therefore photons. Remember when I told you the different wave lengths of light and differences in the energy of light what we define as UV, visible, and infrared light? So no matter in which kind of wavelength area a ghost would manifest, it would always be some sort of light (photons). It is just not clear where the energy comes from to make it visible. This is the tricky part to figure out!

Very hard to tell how an apparition would be fitting into the scientific patterns science serious science currently ignores that they exist in the first place. So I can’t explain how a ghost forms through the laws of physics and also not why and when. But I suspect – without having any proof for it! – that there is more than we are aware about.”

________END CORRESPONDENCE___________

MY NEXT QUESTIONS TO THE READERS….If I assume that the spirit orbs I see through infrared camcorders were made of many photons, would there be a device capable of powering the ability for photons to form? I know some have tried Tesla coils.

If you have any theories, please feel free to leave a comment.


*Words in italic have been added to clarify a statement.

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